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The CRAFT Club


Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, KCVO, CB, ADC

Vice Presidents:

Lady Suzie Jones, Jan Sienesi,

C.D.Beynon Esq, M.Eggers Esq, J.A.Given Esq, W.Ford Esq, 


S. H. Compton Esq

The CRAFT Club was founded on 1st April 1991 at the bar of Rye Golf Club when a few old chaps were telling stories, probably of dubious worth, and one story finished with the punch line of “Can’t remember a flipping thing.” Now the stories might have been naughty but the men weren’t, and from that moment they decided to use the punch line as a vehicle to raise money for three charities, namely Lifeboats, SSAFA and Save the Children.

Our first President, Rear-Admiral Ian Robertson CB, was decorated as a young pilot and was one of the very few officers who started out in the RNVR to reach flag rank. He was Admiral Commanding Reserves and Director General of Naval Recruiting. He retired in 1974 to Piltdown, where he was an active member of the Golf Club.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP is offered to friends and each new member is asked to recruit four new members. From that start The Club has recruited over 30,000 members world-wide. The donations to our three charities continue, supported by new members, the purchase of our elephant-logo items, golf competition days and generous bequests and donations.

After the granting of life membership The Club does not solicit any further money from its members. The Honorary Secretary is the point of contact and enjoys much happy correspondence from all over the world.

If you have the smallest moment of forgetfulness and a generous nature you will be a perfect and welcome member of THE CRAFT CLUB.


You may think us daft
To have founded the CRAFT
But it gives us something to do
It came as a whim
To both Tom and to Jim
It sort of flew out of the blue.

We both can’t remember
Was it May or September
It certainly was not at an inn
T’was the 19th at Rye
With Andy close by
And both of us full up with Gin

The Club when it started
Was all so half-hearted
It looked to be dead as a duck
Now 30,000 folk on
From New York to Hong Kong
We’ve certainly had all the luck.

Thanks to all you kind folk
Who soon saw the joke
And parted with tenners galore
More than 250,000 pounds
Have gone on their rounds
To the Lifeboat, SSAFA and more.

We’ve got Viscounts and Earls
We’ve got old men and girls
Judges, Bishops and lots of nice members
Scarves and ties are still selling
Our coffers are swelling

By Tom McMillan